Sean Parker, Executive Director of the Teach For America Las Vegas Valley region.

Culture Corner: Our Executive Director Shares Why We Spell 'LoVVe' with Two Vs

Our executive director, Sean Parker, gives the inside scoop into the history behind the spelling of "LoVVe" in the Las Vegas Valley.


Monday, February 13, 2017

At Teach For America—Las Vegas Valley, we work to ensure that one day, all kids have access to an excellent education. We train teachers, raise funds, and set yearly strategic plans to ensure that our staff can support our corps members in their classrooms today, as well as support their goals and aspirations as alumni of our program. Everything we do is about helping our corps members and alumni develop into leaders in education, working to positively impact kids. That is only possible when we lead through our values. These core values breathe life into the culture we aspire to.

For example, you might have seen the phrase 'One LoVVe' in an email signature or Facebook post we've written. The first question we always get is, "why do you spell loVVe with two Vs?" We took the initials of our region,Las Vegas Valley, and used a bit of wordplay to illustrate the common bond of love that joins us in this work. Instead of simply focusing on Las Vegas, it was important to include the second "V" for Valley to incorporate the various cities and communities that we belong to, from North Las Vegas to Paradise Township to Henderson. Simply put: LoVVe is about embracing one large community in the Las Vegas Valley.

The heart we share through 'One LoVVe' keeps us beating towards 'One Day' and an equitable education for all our children.

One LoVVe represents our belief that real change only happens through coalitions, founded on trust, and a sense of belonging to one another. Much like being part of a family, we know that we must be there for the good times and the bad. We push each other to step into the greatness that is possible, and are there for each other as support along the way. "It takes a village to raise a child" and our village is built on the spirit of One LoVVe.

As a team, One LoVVe shows up when a coach celebrates a teacher for progress their students made in reading growth. Or when an alum gives advice to a first year corps member and encourages them to go on home visits to get to know their community better. One LoVVe is the support we share for our DACAmented teachers. It's why we intentionally focus on building a thriving and inclusive culture within classrooms, cohorts of our corps members, our network of alums, and within our staff. One LoVVe is saying thank you to all of our partners who believe that our work together will make a difference. The heart we share through 'One LoVVe' keeps us beating towards 'One Day' and an equitable education for all our children.

With LoVVe,

Sean Parker

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