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When people think of Las Vegas, they usually think of bright lights, a blazing sun, or slot machines. But there’s another face of the city, one very different from most stories about Sin City.  

There is great opportunity, but also great need. Today, more than half of students in Las Vegas and the surrounding area attend Title I schools and qualify for Free and Reduced-Price Lunch – a proxy for poverty – that we know can be hard on students, families, and under-resourced schools. Nevada has the lowest percentage of children enrolled in early childhood programs in the country, and for the past few years has had the lowest or second-lowest high school graduation rate for African American, Latino, Special Education, and English Language Learner students in the nation. These factors have posed a serious threat to our state’s future.  

 Alongside many parents, educators, business and community leaders, we are working to strengthen the education system as we know that education is the key to greater opportunities in college and beyond. Since 2004, Teach for America has partnered with the Clark County School District (CCSD), Caesars Entertainment, Las Vegas Sands, Inc. NV Energy, and other organizations to improve outcomes for all kids, bringing nearly 1,000 diverse corps members to the area to tackle educational inequity and poverty. We also see our alumni leading classrooms and holding leadership roles in local organizations dedicated to making strides for our children and families. This includes people like Justin Brecht (Las Vegas Valley ’04,) who was named 2014-2015 Clark County Teacher of the Year and Erica Mosca (Las Vegas Valley '08) who ran for state assembly to address our area’s challenges and empowers students to change their communities through her own non-profit Leaders In Training.

Join these trailblazers in this pivotal moment for Las Vegas Valley as we partner with those already engaged in challenging educational inequity and work towards a better future for all kids.



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December 5, 2016
After a successful 32 years with the United States Air Force, Lori Short (Las Vegas Valley '16) took on a seemingly unexpected leadership role.
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November 2, 2016
Did you know that 45 percent of students in Clark County Schools identify as Hispanic/Latino? Our corps members and alumni are part of a diverse and powerful network of leaders working for students in the Las Vegas Valley.
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August 24, 2016
Erin McCarty (Las Vegas Valley '08), a product of Las Vegas public schools, has seen her career development from teacher to burgeoning school leader benefit due to her experience as a Teach For America corps member.
Education & Issues
July 25, 2016
Catherine Pitcher (Las Vegas Valley ’08) and Riley Woods (Eastern North Carolina ’11) have built careers in the tech industry while still leaving an imprint on the way we learn.
Students & Communities
November 24, 2015
A recent conversation with a student reminded Teach For America corps member Miguel Gutierrez of his past—and why he felt there was no other option but to become a part of this year's corps.
Inside TFA
July 2, 2015
Watch the Weekly Tie-Up, a one-minute video recap of the latest events around the Teach For America community! This week, we introduce you to an Educator of the Year, the new 2015 Miss Nevada, and what you can do to help stop the serious threat to AmeriCorps funding.

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October 12, 2016
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September 13, 2016

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